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Diagnostic imaging 

Manor Equine Vets Ltd has both wireless radiography and ultrasound. Contact us for more details.

Equine radiography and ultrasound imaging

Manor Equine Vets Ltd uses a portable x-ray system with a battery pack. This equipment can be used at your yard or stable. It is wireless which make it much easier to work around your horse, pony or donkey. 

X-rays are used to visualize bone structures. This diagnostic tool can be used for lameness or dental issues but also for healthy individuals e.g. full sets for sales. 

Ultrasound imaging is used for scanning mares, tendons or for example abdominal scan of a foal when it colics. 
Feel free to contact Quirine for more info on radiography and ultrasound services. 

Mobile services

Manor Equine Vets uses a portable x-ray system to take images on site. These images can be viewed on the screen of the tablet just a couple seconds later. Also the ultrasound can be used anywhere as it has a battery pack. 

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We have the state-of-the-art equipment needed to provide radiography services for horses. Call us on





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